Friday, November 7, 2008

Private schools vs public schools

Many people criticize private schools because of some wrong reasons and high tuition fee. There are some evidence of sexual relation of teachers with the students and some addiction abuse cases of students. It is really panic when such evidences happen in schools. But we can not desert contribution of private schools because of these few reasons.

In the public schools, students get academic knowledge only. The class size and the quality of education is not as good as it should be. Some how these schools have failed to produce well rounded students but yes! These schools charges less amount. Then so what!

On the other hand, private schools always earn the ire because of costly education. But some private schools give treatment to students with addiction problem, dyslexia, learning disability, attention deficit disorder, and other behavioral problems along with the quality edification. Small class size and disciplined atmosphere, and sheer guidance of teachers put students one step further than the public school students. Now this is up to you to choose which one is better.